Sthree Sangatan in Udyavar was started on August 3 2008. It started with the vision “Women Empowerment”. 85 women joined the association. Fr Charles Noronha was the Director and Sr Vinchenza provided the necessary guidelines and support for all the members. An introduction of the association with its objectives was given by Mrs Leena Roche, President of Sthree Sangatan, Mangalore Diocese.

Every fourth Sunday of the month this association to conducts its meetings, after the first Mass. Various inputs and talks are given to the members present like finance, law, health, politics, future of the children, etc. Under Sthree Sangatan,self-help groups have also been started to help every woman in various fields, especially financial matters. Some small programs like food festival or preparing & distributing of Christmas sweets (Kuswar) at reasonable rates have also been conducted so that the association can gather some funds. A lot of trainings have been conducted on topics like health, safety, finance, independence in life and other topics related to the development of women in society.

Women are no longer the weaker section of the society. They have to stand equal in every aspect of life. The Bishop of Udupi Diocese stresses on the empowerment and development of women for better attitudes and values in life. Let us pray that this association stands as the safety corner for all women in the society.

Currently, Mrs Judith Fernandes and Mrs Hazel D’lima are serving as the current President and Secretary of the association respectively.