Bolargudde Chapel

The roots of the chapel goes back to founding years, when Late Domingo Pereira and Late Louis Lobo went to Goa to get permission to begin the new Parish. When they returned from Goa, they had got two statues – one of Our Lady of Sorrows and the other of St Francis Xavier.

Louis Lobo, along with his family started prayers and novenas in Mother Mary’s name. Every day they would recite Rosary and whenever a new child was born in the family, they would offer the child at the feet of the Lady and light candles and pray for its wellness. This statue turned out to be a “miracle” statue for his family. The generation after Louis Lobo, his grand children, specially Mr Herman & Mrs Remez Lobo and Mr Marcel & Mrs Annie Lobo and families continued this devotion to Mary as was in their elder times. Later on, the members of the Piad ward joined them in their prayers and devotion. People of other faith would also come and light candles & offer their prayers. Everyone felt that they got whatever they prayed for through the intercession of Mother Mary.

After this generation, they kept this “miracle” statue near the roadside in Bolargudde. But the devotion never stopped. In 1993, when Fr Stanley Pereira was the parish priest, they built a chapel in honor of Our Lady of Sorrows or “Piad Saibin” and installed the statue there. Prayers, novenas and masses were held regularlyon Thursday in the chapel. This devotion has continued to this day. Every year in November, a grand feast is celebrated here with the nearby ward members and other parishioners. Devotees of Mother Mary also take part in this celebration.