Indian Catholic Youth Movement (ICYM)

The ICYM was born on 14 September 1999, when the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India (CBCI) approved ICYM as a National Movement for the youth. With the birth of this association, the dreams of thousands of youth, animators, directors and bishops came true. Integral Development of Youth through Formation, Fellowship and Action are the main objectives of youth ministry. It is also associated with YCS/YSM and international youth body FIMCAP. It is also tied up with an international social network called UCANEWS which is the Catholic News Network in Asia. The motto of ICYM is “To Lead, to Serve, to Shine”. Many discrepancies, distress situations, aggressions, corruption, political disorders etc. have invaded the world today and it is the need of the hour for the youth to tackle such situations bravely.

In our parish, the first youth organization was called “Catholic Youth Association” with the motto “To Lead by Serving”, started by Rev. Fr Henry Fernandes on July 11 1971. There are 40 young and dynamic members in our parish today. Since last 45 years, the youth have done well for the development of the parish and the society. Many of the members have reached greater heights. Some are also working abroad, but when they come on holidays, they still participate in every small or big works of the association. The youth have carried out some good works like, free health checkup camps (like eye, dental, diabetes, blood pressure, etc.), blood donation camps, visiting the sick & the aged, holding cricket tournaments, helping financially or materially during marriages or house construction or health treatments, scholarships, etc. They have also brought out a parish telephone directory. Some members have also been elected for posts in the Central Council of the diocese. One of their current talented and dynamic members, Miss Teena Machado scored third rank in MSW in the University and was the Vice President in the Central Council. This is a very proud matter for the association as well as for the parish.

Every parish priest has been very much associated with the youth. They have mentored them, supported them, helped them and encouraged them to do good works that would help in the improvement of an individual and the society. The youth always express their gratitude to the parishioners; they say “nothing is impossible with the support and cooperation of our parishioners”. Udyavarites in UAE have also played a role in the development of the youth.

Currently, Sharan Lobo and Rosalia Cardoza are serving as the President and the Secretary of the association respectively.